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18MM MOTOR MOUNT Instructions

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Locate the motor tube, Kevlar cord, rings and motor hook.

Using a hobby knife make a 1/8" slit at 1/4" from the end of the tube.

On the opposite end of the tube make a mark at 1/2"

Place the hook in the slit. slide the large rings on tube over the hook. Push Kevlar cord through the hole in the FWD ring, the one by the slit. Tie the cord around the body tube.

Place a ring of glue around the tube at the slit and the 1/2" mark and slide the rings to the mark and just over the end of the hook just past the slit. Put reinforcing glue on both sides of both rings.

Put a bead of glue in the FWD end of the tube and insert the thrust ring until it stops on the hook.

You can glue a strip of paper around the tube to act as a hook retainer ring.

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