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GOBBIE Instructions

Model Rocketry is a fun and safe family activity.

model rocketry is a science your results may vary depending on how you build the rocket. please read the National Association of Rocketry model rocketry safety code and the model rocket handbook.

My Instructions are meant as a guide and are not a guarantee of stability or function of the product.

This rocket has been tested and proven but your results may be different.

depending on your skills.

Launching rockets can be dangerous and requires adult supervision. you use our products at your own risk. OLLIE-OOP Model Rocketry is not responsible for any damages or injuries incurred from use or misuse of our products. you are responsible for the Contruction and stability of your rocket. please follow all safety codes and launch procedures as stated by the NAR handbook.

our kits are not intended to be modified. Please use the recommended engines.

Always follow the NAR safety code at

Read all steps before beginning. Always dry fit the parts on every step that requires glue. And always add a reinforcing bead of glue to all joints the required glue and wipe off excess glue with your finger. Unless stated otherwise.

Always wear safety glasses and mask when cutting with a knife, saw, drill, rotary tool or when sanding or using powder.

Gobbie has several mount options. You can use just one or all of them. Read instructions first so you can decide what you want.

You will need a new or used 18mm motor and 13mm motor and Micromaxx motor.

Kit Includes

2 Nose cones with base.

clay weight

launch lug

4 balsa fins

lots of decals

bats ribbon streamer and extra crape, vinyl streamers.

marking guide

Kevlar cord

BT20 body tube

Duel Micromaxx 2x cluster mount adapter.

( 2- mmx tubes, 4- x2 rings, Kevlar cord, 4-thrust rings, swivel)

18mm to 13mm motor adapter.

(short BT 5 tube, 6- rings, thrust ring, Kevlar cord, swivel.)


Locate body tube and 18mm thrust ring and a 18mm motor. Make a mark on the motor 1/4" from a end. Use a stick to put glue about 2" in one end of the body tube.

Insert ring and push it with the motor until the mark on motor reaches the tube, remove motor quickly. Let dry.


Stand the tube on the marking guide, on the AFT end. Line it up on the circle and mark all 4 fin locations without letting the tube move.

Extend each mark by 2" using a door frame or straight edge.

Put a line of glue on the root of a fin and attach it to one of the lines on the tube. Keep checking alignment from front and back. Fin should be perfectly straight and at a 90-degree angle from the tube. Just like the lines on the marking guide. Let dry and repeat on the other 3 fins.

3.Sand launch lug and while putting glue fillets on the fin joint, Attach the lug in one of the joints. Make sure its perfectly straight. Add a fillet to it also. Let dry.


Use CA Super glue to glue the base of 1 of the cones on. Locate the clay and roll it into a snake. pack it in to the other nose cone as tight as possible. Use a pencil.

Now use CA and attach the base to that cone also.

My motor mount adapters work just like any other. You are just building and putting a smaller mount inside a larger one. Instead of using the cord for recovery you use it to attach the adapter to the rocket so that you don't lose it.

Simply tie a loop in your rockets recovery cord near the very end where it's attached to the rocket and snap the swivel on the adapter cord to the loop.

The extra set of rings are for extra friction. You can also wrap tape around them for a tighter friction fit. If your adapter has several extra rings 6 or more, they are meant to be used together in twos. It makes them have a wider surface area but still lite weight.


With the MMX 2x cluster I used the empty nose cone, no streamer as little weight as possible and it flew about 80 feet or so.

No nose weight is needed for any of the 13mm motors or the A8 18mm motor.

If you use 18mm B or C motors you need to use the nose cone with the clay weight.

2 X MMX CLUSTER Instructions.

Make a mark on every end of both tubes at 1/2" and 1 make one 1 end of both tubes at 1"

follow instructions in picture .

13MM adapter Instructions are the same as the MMX but mark your motor pusher at 1/2" to push the retainer ring.

Allways put a drop of glue on your knots. The 2 rings provide more surface area and more friction.

You can opt to put the FWD ring at the very end of the tube or at the marks in the instructions.

This one shows only 2 rings but it works better with 3. This was the prototype in the pic.

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