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SB X20 Instructions

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Model Rocketry is a fun and safe family activity.

model rocketry is a science your results may vary depending on how you build the rocket. please read the National Association of Rocketry model rocketry safety code and the model rocket handbook.

My Instructions are meant as a guide and are not a guarantee of stability or function of the product.

This rocket has been tested and proven but your results may be different.

Launching rockets can be dangerous and requires adult supervision. you use our products at your own risk. OLLIE-OOP Model Rocketry is not responsible for any damages or injuries incurred from use or misuse of our products. you are responsible for the Contruction and stability of your rocket. please follow all safety codes and launch procedures as stated by the NAR handbook.

our kits are not intended to be modified. Please use the recommended engines.

Always follow the NAR safety code at

Read all steps before beginning. Always dry fit the parts on every step that requires glue. And always add a reinforcing bead of glue to all joints the required glue and wipe off excess glue with your finger.

Always wear safety glasses and mask when cutting or sanding or using powder.

X20 Instructions
Download PDF • 137KB


Cut out the engine mount tube marking guide and wrap it around the small tube. Make marks at each line. Using a door frame extend each line the length of the tube.

Cut out the ring marking guide and use it to mark the rings and hook location on the engine tube. Turn the tube slightly and repeat the marks a few times going around the tube, theses marks will help you keep the rings straight.

Make a 1/8" cut at the hook mark. Starting on the cut lay a 1" line of glue, put the hook in the cut and lay it in the glue, then put a line of glue around the tube in the middle of the retainer ring lines. slide the retainer ring on over the hook and stop in between the lines.

Slide both adapter rings on the tube away from the lines, glue one ring flush with the end of the tube and the other between the 2 marks. Let dry.


Sand the fins and cut them out, but do not round the edges.

One at a time. glue the 3 small triangle fins to each line marked small fin, so that the tip of the fins are touching the ring. Keep them straight and check alignment.

Sand edges of main fins and tip plates square and smooth. Put glue on the fin tab and insert into slot on plate. keep square util glue dries.

Locate the skid strips and sand edges square and the ends tapered. Glue them on top of the slot.


Smear a good amount of glue around the inside of the large tube about 1/2" to 2" in.

Immediately slide the motor tube in and do not stop until the large tube touches the small fins.


Cut out the large tube marking guide and wrap it around the large tube so that the canopy line is centered on one of the small fins.

Make marks at each line then remove the guide and extend the lines with a straight edge.

Make a mark at 5" from the top of the tube on both of the secondary fin lines.


One at a time glue the main fins to the tube with the rear of the fin even with the end of the motor tube. Make sure the notch is over the retainer ring.

Make sure they are straight and evenly spaced, check alignment often.

Glue the secondary fins on the lines with the tips of the fins at the 5"mark, check alignment. Check alignment with the small fins.

after the fins have dried glue the launch lug into its line so that its even with the rear end of one of the secondary fins.


Cut out canopy and score with a pencil and ruler with the printed side down. Cut all of the solid lines and it makes it easier to line up the ruler with the printed side down. Then fold it on the dotted, score lines.

Glue tabs to inside of canopy, hold with fingers until set.

Put a line of glue around the edge and place the canopy on the tube and match the small marks with the line on the tube and the rear mark centered with the fin. Hold until glue sets.

The canopy acts kind of like a 3rd fin.

(See pictures)


Cut out the shock cord mount and smear glue on it with your finger covering it.

lay one end across it and fold one section at a time, add a dot or 2 of glue each time you fold. Then form it into the shape of the body tube. after the shape has set a little, place a few drops of glue inside the FWD end of the body tube at 1 1/2" in and put the cord mount there and hold it until it sets firmly.

TIP: You can use a rubber band and strap the cord mount around the base of the nose cone to form it, do not let it dry fully.
Wash the nose cone with hot soapy water.
See parachute instructions in the blog section. once the parachute is assembled, tie all lines to the eye on the base of the nose cone, and tie the loose end of the shock cord to the same eye as the cone.

Use plastic cement to glue on the base of the nose cone.

NOTE: The cord mount in the picture is backwards,

the cord should lay the opposite direction. Ollie oops ;)

The notable deviation is modern nose cone is a little smaller.

Note the kit comes with standard shroud line, not kevlar.

Always follow the NAR safety code, Have fun!

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