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Scratch Building Resorces Instructions, plans, ideas

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

With today's tech almost anything is available somewhere somehow.

Rocket plans and instructions can be found in places like JimZ rocket plans and Facebook groups like Estes model rockets and open rocket. It is a free rocket simulator to help you design your own rockets.

Even Estes offers free instructions on their website.

So, if you thought that all was lost 40 years ago, don't worry it's still out there somewhere.

YouTube has also a vast number of videos to help you learn how to make or source your own parts. How to do almost anything.

I will start a blog about this myself soon. Retail packages with thick plastic domes and other shapes are one of the ticks for finding parts. Easter eggs is another common item used in rocketry.

I offer laser cutting services. Fins, parts, ect.

If you find yourself lost, please email me or message me on Facebook and I will help if I can.

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