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Sidewinder Instructions

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Model Rocketry is a fun and safe family activity.

model rocketry is a science your results may vary depending on how you build the rocket. please read the National Association of Rocketry model rocketry safety code and the model rocket handbook.

My Instructions are meant as a guide and are not a guarantee of stability or function of the product.

This rocket has been tested and proven, but your results may be different.

Launching rockets can be dangerous and requires adult supervision. you use our products at your own risk. OLLIE-OOP Model Rocketry is not responsible for any damages or injuries incurred from use or misuse of our products. you are responsible for the Contruction and stability of your rocket. please follow all safety codes and launch procedures as stated by the NAR handbook.

our kits are not intended to be modified. Please use the recommended engines.

Always follow the NAR safety code at

Read all steps before beginning. Always dry fit the parts on every step that requires glue. And always add a reinforcing bead of glue to all joints the required glue and wipe off excess glue with your finger.

Always wear safety glasses and mask when cutting or sanding or using powder.

Sidewinder Instructions
Download PDF • 1.24MB

The CG with 18mm mount and a C6 motor is 11 1/4 inches from the AFT end. The CG for 24mm mounts should be about the same location with nose weight installed.

Recommended motors for 18mm B6-4, B8-5, C5-3, C6-5

24mm C11, D12

1) For 18mm

Mark motor mount tube at 3/4" and 2.5" from same end. Cut a 1/8" slit at the 2.5" mark.

Put the hook in the slit and tape it down or you can glue a strip of paper around it a few wraps.

Glue one ring at the 3/4" mark and one at 1/8" from the other end. Let dry.

For 24mm

Make 3 marks on the tube. One at 1/4" another from the other end of tube at 3 1/4" and one at 1 1/2"

Make a slit at the 3 1/4 mark for hook. glue the rings at the outer marks and use tape or glue a strip of paper around the tube and hook as a hook retainer.

(see picture)

Add a reinforcing line of glue on each joint that required glue. Wipe off excess glue with finger.

NOTE: If you use the 24mm mount the rocket will require nose weight for stability. Minimum of 15 grams or more is needed.

Use a stick to place glue inside the tube above the hook. push the retainer ring all the way until it touches the hook tab. You can use a motor casing for this, remove the casing quickly. If glue gets below the hook tab use a stick to remove it. If glue gets below the hook tab it will prevent the motor from fitting correctly.

NOTE: You can choose to cut off the fin tabs and surface mount them, with no need to cut the slots. You can also order this kit from me that comes without fin tabs.

Mark a tube at 1 1/8" and make a few marks going around the tube.

Cut out the slot guides so that all or part of the border line remains and wrap the large fin guide around the tube even with the 1 1/8 marks. NOTE: the large slots are at a slight angle slightly to the left, make sure the guide is placed on the tube in the correct orientation.

Tape it so it can't move and very slowly making several cuts. Cut out the fin slots.

TIP: If you have a dowel rod of similar size as the tube it can help support the tube while cutting.

On the short, large body tube that is 3 3/4 long make the marks at 1/4" from the end and repeat the same process as with the large slots.


mark the red coupler at 5/8" or the approx. middle of it. Glue it in the end of one of the body tubes up to the mark.


Using a stick place glue approx. 5" in the end of the tube with the rear fin slots and insert the motor mount until the motor tube and body tube ends are even. Make sure the hook is between two of the slots.


Put glue in the end of the other body tube and glue the two body tubes together.

Make sure the tubes stay straight. It helps to lay them on a flat surface.


Draw a launch lug line between 2 of the slots the whole length of the tube using a door frame.


Sand the fins on both sides and edges but don't round them.

Put down wax paper and glue the 2 large fins together as seen in the picture. Make sure to match them perfectly.

Repeat on the other 3 fins.

If you are choosing to use the paper skins use white glue or spray glue or CA and use as little as possible. Spread glue covering one side of a fin and quickly place the paper on and rub down, quickly repeat the same on the other side of the fin. Put them all between books and wax paper to let dry. You must paper both sides at the same time or the fin will warp. Use thin CA on all the edges.


Cut the nose cone with a razor saw or knife at the grove in the center of the 18mm dia. section. (See picture)


Use plastic cement and glue the short 18mm tube on to the short section of the cone, right where you cut it. Now glue that whole part into the 3 3/4" slotted tube using plastic cement. NOTE: Make sure to glue it in the end of the short, slotted tube on the end where the slots are closest to the end of the tube. (See picture)


Test fit the large fins in the slots, sand if needed. Apply glue to the root edge of the fin and glue it in a slot. Make sure it stands straight and is flush on the tube. Hold till it stays. Repeat with the other 3 fins.

Make sure when viewing the rocket from the end that the fins form a perfect looking + (See diagram)

Repeat the same process with the 4 small FWD fins.


Use a sharp knife to cut out the paper strips. Test fit them before gluing, trim if needed.

TIP: You can wrap the strips around a large dowel to form them.

Apply a thin layer of glue to one of the small strips and place it ON THE FIN at the joint. Repeat the same on the other 3 fins.

After dry apply an extra line of glue to all fin joints on both sides of each fin and wipe off excess with your finger.


Make a mark on from the FWD end of the body tube at 2 9/16" and from that mark make another at 9 7/8"

Make several marks around the tube at both of these locations.

Glue a narrow strip around the tube just below the 2 9/16 mark and a wide strip just below the other mark.

Glue the medium size short length strip even with the AFT end of the tube. The motor end. Then glue the medium long strip over it


Locate the small square and rectangle balsa parts. You will only need 1 of each, I put extras in your kit... just because. Your kit may contain different sizes, use any of them.

Glue the square just below the wide strip centered on the launch lug line and the rectangle the same under the FWD narrow strip.

Carefully glue a lug to each piece centered on the line. Make sure they are straight and lined up with each other. TIP: Glue one lug in place let dry and use a rod to keep the 2nd lug in line when you glue it.

If you did not paper the fins, then you can fill the grain with sanding sealer or wood filler.


Glue the shock cord to the cord mount. Spread glue on the mount, lay end of cord across it and fold the sections starting with the small side, add a drop of glue each time you fold. Glue the mount 2" in the end of the body tube.

Tie the other end of the cord to all ends of the larger parachute.

Tie the other chute to the eye on the base of the nose cone.


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