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SNG X-15 DELTA WING Instructions

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

NOTE: For instructions with pictures please download the PDF instructions

Read all steps before beginning. Always dry fit the parts on every step that requires glue. And always add a reinforcing bead of glue to all joints the required glue and wipe off excess glue with your finger.

Always wear safety glasses and mask when cutting or sanding or using powder. T.C

X-15 Delta Instructions
Download PDF • 104.75MB

Instructions, photos and build done by Steve Neill the owner and designer of the kit.

X-15 Delta Instructions

I am just starting to add the instruction photo sequences from the original builds back 10 years ago. There are no written instructions I could find. The pictures spell it all out well for any seasoned builder and I will reorganized and comment on some of these steps. Currently I’m just getting them uploaded. Be sure once you click on the first image to observe down on the lower right hand corner that you can enlarge any picture to the original size and zoom in with the magnifying glass mouse pointer.

  • Precut wings

  • All you have to do is sand them to shape.

  • Glue the 1/2 x1/16 balsa filets to the top and bottom of the wing roots.

  • the gap gets filled with scrape balsa.

  • Gap is filled and ready to sand to shape

  • Mark the contour before sand to shape.

  • checking the fit to the BT.

  • You should have something that looks like this.

  • rear of the filet should look like this.

  • Balsa fill was used to close any gaps. Sand again.

  • Sand the wings and then use water based polyurethane to seal te wood.

  • the tails are built and sealed.

  • Use Bondo spot putty to fill wood grain and sand,

  • gray primer the surfaces and sand until smooth.

  • mark body tube for wings and glue.

  • The new version of this kit included resin cast wingtips.

  • The included styrene tubing is used to achor the eye bolt this is glued with CA.

  • Sand and primer the resin nose cone.

  • using marking guide to mark fin and wing locations.

  • You can also use a Estes BT marker tool to get the fin and wing locations.

  • placing fin over the center line and marking location before gluing,

  • gluing tails

  • If you want to have clear windows follow this sequence.

  • filling out smooth

  • place the clear plastic after you paint the nose cone black.

  • Model is all primer gray and ready to paint black.

  • Shock cord and eye bolt

  • Clear plastic windows going in.

  • chute atteched

  • On the older kit you mounted the shock cord Estes style but we include 2 eye bolts so you can mount on to the CR for the EM.

Finished model should look like this. The black backed decal will help you be a little loose on the cutting them out as the black background will blend well with the black paint. The decals are water slide and precoated to keep them from bleeding. After they thoroughly dry clear coat the model to seal them in.

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