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GOBBIE flying model rocket kit

GOBBIE flying model rocket kit

Gobbie is 8" tall uses BT20 tube 18mm dia.

Balsa fins

Extensive Vinyl decals

2 plastic nose cones

Grosgrain ribbon streamer and a Vinyl, crape streamers for extras.

Multiple mounts.

Flies on Quest Micromaxx motors

All Estes 13mm motors and 18mm A,B,C motors

Kit comes with 2 motor mount adapters.

You insert the thrust ring in body tube for a minimum diameter 18mm motors and the Micromaxx and 13mm adapters are removable.

The extra cone is for the 18mm B,C motors, clay is also needed.

Instructions will be on my website blog.

Model Rocketry is a fun family activity but can be dangerous and requires adult supervision. By purchasing the listing the buyer assumes all responsibility and liability.

OLLIE-OOP ROCKETRY is not responsible for accidents, injuries or damages.

My rockets are tested and proven safe but your results depends on your skills and build.

Please follow the NAR safety code.

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