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Scratch-it Flying Model Rocket Kit

Scratch-it Flying Model Rocket Kit


Scratch build your a model rocket using your own design.

The DIY model rocket kit.

You use the parts to design your own flying model rocket.

*Not for beginners. Skill level advanced

No instructions

2 - 3 x10 x 3/32" sheets of balsa

18" mylar parachute

Kevlar and Elastic shock cords

2- bt60 x 24mm plywood centering rings

2 - bt60 x 18mm plywood centering rings

18" bt60 body tube

2 - motor tubes

Launch lugs

Clay nose weight

Motor hook

Plastic Nose Cone

Fin templates

3 pack Estes waterslide decals


You use ollie-oop products at your own risk.

Please follow the NAR safety code.

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