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SR-71 Blackbird Flying Model Rocket Kit

SR-71 Blackbird Flying Model Rocket Kit

24MM C11, D12 Estes ENGINES

SR-71 Blackbird

Flying Model Rocket Kit

* Flights over 1000 feet

* 19 inches overall

* 9.5 inch wingspan

* 18" mylar parachute

* Kevlar shock cord

* Waterslide Decals. By Ken Foss Designs

Decals have multiple options. You will likely have extras leftover.

* Embossed card shrouds

* laser cut Balsa wood fins

* Instructions included

The built model in the photos is not included.

You will receive a minimum diameter 24mm bagged kit.

This kit can also fly on 18mm Estes and Quest engines.

18mm engine mount is NOT included in the kits but can be purchased separately on this website or by messaging me directly.

I will send mount with instructions and recommend engines.

NOTE: The 18mm version only requires 7 grams of nose weight. And only the 18mm comes with mount and hook.

You will receive a 24mm version unless otherwise requested at checkout.


Some kits can take up to a few extra days to ship. You should never have to wait longer than the time stated for your order to ship.

In most cases, orders ship within 1-3 days after purchase.

I hand make, pack,ship everything myself. If I get backed up with orders, I will send you updates.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

International customers, please message me for the best shipping rates.

Model Rocketry is a fun family activity but can be dangerous. Please follow the NAR safety code.

Buyer assumes all responsibility and liability and agrees that you build and launch at your own risk.

The rocket has been tested and proven safe, but your results depend on your skills and build. OLLIE-OOP ROCKETRY is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or damages.

Buyer uses products at their own risk.

In some cases, it may take a few extra days for your order to ship. I will keep you updated if necessary.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you purchase other items with a pre order item. I will ship all items together.

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