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Commander Flying Model Rocket Kit. Estes Falcon Commander upscale

Commander Flying Model Rocket Kit. Estes Falcon Commander upscale

Estes Falcon Commander upscale using BT 55 tube and the Estes Interceptor nose cone.

26" Tall

1.325" diameter

Balsa fins

6' Kevlar cord

18" mylar parachute

Vinyl and waterslide decals

The US flags are waterslide.

*Printed instructions included

Uses 24mm Estes C11 and D12 or Quest equivalent.

Uses Estes or Quest 18mm C6 with my adapter (sold separately)

This rocket kit is also available in the original size and in BT-5 Mini scale. The original is available on the website and the mini will be soon.

Any scale of any kit could be possible and can be available upon request. Message me with any requests or questions. Never hurts to ask.

If you ever have any issues or questions, please contact me.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Some kits can take up to a few extra days to ship. You should never have to wait longer than a week for your order to ship.

In most cases, orders ship within 1-3 days after purchase.

I hand make, pack,ship everything myself. If I get backed up with orders, I will send you updates.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Buyer agrees that you use ollie-oop rocketry products at your own risk.

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